Fabio started music when he was a teenager, playing some acoustic and bass guitar just for fun, until he found his way as a singer.
His first bands were Flying Mental and Just Feel, in which the musicians played their own compositions between rock and blues.
In 2008, he stopped composition and started a new adventure with Jimmy Fried and the Chicken Remix, a cover band in which he began to sing more Hard rock and Heavy metal songs, taking Dio and Aerosmith as examples, and with this band, he roamed all "Caf'Conc" and local stages with furious and devilish rhythms of the 70s and 80s!
In the same time he took part of the BHP (Black Honor Project), a band of almost 25 musicians: several singers, drummers, guitar and bass players, who all made hard and rock covers to support the association “la maison de Lilian”.
In 2015, he joined Black Hole, giving the band a new dimension. With his melodious voice and his good mood, he became the perfect
frontman of the band, sharing technical and human resources!

Influences : ACDC, Led Zeppelin , DIO, Deep Purple, Jeff Beck, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Nightwish,
Iron Maiden, Ark.....