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03.04.2017: Thank you very much Med Manef Slama from Acier Doux  (Tunisia)
for this interview with our drummer Bubu.

10.03.2017: Shooting photo Black hole, thanks Philippe Deleage for this nice pics.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

04.02.2017: Thanks a lot Andy from Rock Pix  Belgium for this nice chronic
and this presentation of the band.

06.01.2017: Black Hole is proud to announce that they will take part at the Black Honor Project 5
to support the association "la maison de Lilian"  october 18th 2017  Village-Neuf.

23.12.2016: Thank you Sentinel Daily  from Australia for this nice little chronic

01.12.2016: Yeah! Welcome to the brand new website of Black Hole You can find all dates of concerts, our demos, our new songs (works), in fact, everything concerning the band’s life.

See you soon , Bubu.


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